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ذاکری, آناهیتا and اوجاقی, حبیب and ایرانپرور, منوچهر and امانی, فیروز and شعاع اردبیلی, منیر and ظهیریان مقدم, تلما (1399) عوارض چشمی دیابت نوع 1. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research ــ 13 (1). pp. 1107-1115. شاپا 0975-2366

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Ocular Complications in Type 1 Diabetes

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Background and objective: Ocular complications are one of the major health problems in diabetic patients, especially in undeveloped and developing countries. Due to the lack of similar studies in Ardabil province (Northwest of Iran), the present study aimed to evaluate the frequency of ocular complications and its effective factors in a sample of patients with type 1 diabetes in Ardabil. Methods and materials: In this one-year cross-sectional study, all type 1 diabetic patients that diagnosed at internal clinic of Imam Khomeini Hospital during 2018 were referred to the ophthalmology clinic of Imam Reza Hospital and were examined for the ocular complications. On arrival at the clinic, the necessary clinical tests and the eye examinations were performed for all the patients and the required information was entered into the pre-designed checklist. Patients' eyes were examined by an ophthalmologist. Results: 66 type 1 diabetic patients with the mean age of 25.6 ± 10.8 years (range 5 to 49 years) were studied with male to female ratio of 54.5% / 45.5%. The most common ocular complications were lens opacity, punctuate epithelial erosions, diabetic retinopathy, staphylococcal blepharitis, and meibomian gland dysfunction with prevalence of 54.5%, 27.2%, 10.6%, 6.1%, and 3% of patients, respectively. Mean HbA1c was higher among patients with diabetic retinopathy compared to patients without retinopathy. The frequency of retinopathy was higher among male patients compared to female patients (13.9% vs. 6.7%), among patients older than 20 years compared to younger patients (14.3% vs. 0%), and among patients with a disease duration of more than 10 years compared to patients with a shorter disease duration (20% vs. 4.9%). Conclusion: The present study showed a variety of ocular complications among a sample of patients with type 1 diabetes in Ardabil, among which the lens opacity, punctate epithelial erosion and retinopathy were the most common. Retinopathy was associated with longer disease duration and higher age. These findings highlight the need for regular screening of ocular complications in patients with type 1 diabetes, especially in cases who are at higher risk, namely patients with higher HbA1c, older than 20 years old and those with a disease duration of more than 10 years.

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