بررسي فرايند جمع آوري پسماندهاي عادي ازمنطقه تحت پوشش پايگاه تحقيقات جمعيتي شهراردبيل

عالیقدری, مرتضی (1389) بررسي فرايند جمع آوري پسماندهاي عادي ازمنطقه تحت پوشش پايگاه تحقيقات جمعيتي شهراردبيل. [ research project ]

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Persian Abstract

سابقه و هدف: فرايندجمع آوري پسماندهاي عادي توليدي ازمنابع مختلف(به خصوص منازل مسكوني)ازمهم ترين عناصرمديريت پسماندهااست وعملكردنادرست دراين خصوص علاوه برصرف هزينه، آلودگي محيط زيست وتهديدسلامتي جامعه رابه همراه دارد.اين مطالعه به منظورتعيين فرايند جمع آوري پسماندهاي عادي ازمنطقه تحت پوشش پايگاه تحقيقات جمعيتي شهراردبيل درسال1387- 1386انجام گرفت. روش کار: دراین مطالعه توصیفی(مقطعی)که درمنطقه جنوب شرقي شهر اردبيل (دارای4000خانوار) با وضعيت اقتصادي واجتماعي متوسط انجام گرفت،داده هاازطريق مشاهده وضع موجودفرايندجمع آوري پسماندعادی،تكميل پرسشنامه توسط1200خانوار(نمونه گيري به روش خوشه اي) جمع آوری شد و با آناليز داده ها، آموزش مردم و متوليان مدیریت پسماند ومشاهده تغييرات حاصل ازآن تکمیل گردید. يافته ها:وجودجايگاه هاي موقت درمنطقه،استفاده شهرداري ازتجهيزات جمع آوري نامطلوب درامرجمع آوري وآلودگي محيط زيست وعدم رعايت مسايل ايمني توسط ماموران شهرداري ازمهمترين يافته هاي اوليه(مشاهدات) پژوهش بود.43/91%منابع توليد پسماندعادي درمنطقه منازل مسكوني بود.72/50%خانوارهاازسطل پلاستيكي ساده باكيسه زباله جهت ذخيره پسمانددرمحل توليدوگذاشتن آن درجلوي درب(34/84%خانوارها) استفاده مي كردند.96%خانوارهاازوجود پسماندويژه درزباله هاي توليدي بي اطلاع بودند.نارضايتي ازعملكرد شهرداري(59%)وعدم اجراي طرح تفكيك پسمانددربين89/81%خانوارها،سایرنتایج مطالعه بود.شروع آزمايشي طرح تفكيك ازمبدا،رعايت بيشترمسايل ايمني توسط كارگران شهرداري،تغييردربعضي ازرفتارهاي مردم(مكان گذاشتن زباله دربيرون ازمحل توليدورعايت زمان موردنظرشهرداري جهت جمع آوری پسماند)ازنتایج تاثيرآموزش مردم ومسئولین دراين پژوهش بود. نتيجه گيري:فرایندجمع آوري پسماندهای عادی درمنطقه موردمطالعه ازلحاظ بسياري ازشاخص ها مطلوب نمي باشدونیازبه تغييرات اساسی درزمینه های علمی،فرهنگي وزيست محيطي دارد.


General Wastes Collection Process on the Ardabil City Population Researches Center

English Abstract

Introduction: Process of general waste collection produced by different sources (especially residential zone) is one of the most important factor in wastes management .and unprofessional conduct in that regard not counting cost burden , shall cause environmental pollution and put at risk social health. This survey has been carried out to determine a course for general wastes collection process at population researches center of Ardebil city in 2008-2009. Method: A cross-sectional study was performed among 4000 middle class (both social and economical) family in Ardebil city southeastern zone. This research was conducted on the basis of the assessment of general wastes collection process current status, conduction of a series of questionnaire which were filled out by 1200 family (sampling with Cluster procedure) along with analysis of the data , people’s training, instruction issued to those who were in charge of waste management and observation of the changes which came bout In this regard. Results: Allocation of temporary places in the appointed area , making use of inappropriate dumping vehicles in collection of wastes by municipality, environmental pollution, and nonobservance of safety issues by municipality personnel were of the most important concern of research’s results. According to the research 91.43% general wastes sources were residential zone. 50.72 % of the families were using plastic bag for their garbage bin enabling them to throw it away in front of their buildings (84.34%families). (96%) families were unaware of the existence of special waste in the their waste production.. dissatisfaction from municipality activities (59%) and non-observance of waste separation between 81.89% families were other results this research. Tentative start of waste separation, observance of safety issues by municipality personnel, and peoples adaptation to a new habit of how to throw away their wastes were some of outstanding achievement of in this study. Conclusion: Current situation of waste collection process in the selected zone in this research was undesirable taking into consideration different indicators and it requires considerable alteration from scientific, cultural and environmental point of view.

Item Type: research project
زبان سند : فارسی
project status : اتمام یافته
مجری اصلی :مرتضی عالیقدری
Uncontrolled Keywords:جمع آوري ، پسماندعادي ، اردبيل
کلیدواژه ها (انگلیسی):General Waste, Collection, Ardabil
Subjects:WA Public Health > WA 30 Social, Economic, and Environmental factor in public health
WA Public Health > WA 30 Social, Economic, and Environmental factor in public health
Divisions:Faculty of Health > Department of Environmental health
Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology > Deputy for Research and Technology management and Medical Information > completed research projects
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