بررسی منابع اطلاعاتی موثر بر رفتارهای باروری در مردان وازکتومی شده به روش تری انگولیشن

فولادی, نسرین and علیمحمدی, حسین and حمیدزاده اربابی, یوسف and مردی, افروز and آدشیرین پور, الهام and روشنی, زهره (1390) بررسی منابع اطلاعاتی موثر بر رفتارهای باروری در مردان وازکتومی شده به روش تری انگولیشن. در: اولین کنگره بین المللی آموزش بهداشت و ارتقاء سلامت , 16-19 may 2011, دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تبریز.

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Investigation of effective information sources upon fertility behavior in the men with vasectomies, using triangulation

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Introduction: Doubtlessly one of the greatest problems of the world at the present time relates to the irregular growth of population in the third world countries including Iran. If this growth is not prevented, the world will face numerous political, economical, social, cultural, and moral crises. In Iran, vasectomy only makes up 3.5% of contraceptive methods; it seems that one of the major impediments in the men’s desire to use this method is their unawareness from that. One of the ways of raising awareness and participation of males for having vasectomy is gaining information from the men who had vasectomy. Methodology: Triangulation included a combination of qualitative method in the form of individual interviews and quantitative method for investigation of effective factors and the amount of their influence on vasectomy. The number of participants was 25 in qualitative part of the study and 101 in quantitative section. The results of qualitative part of the study showed that the main sources of obtaining information could be classified into three categories including the effective information sources on the fertility behavior in the men- current position of the mass media upon males’ fertility behavior- men with vasectomy. The qualitative results of the study also revealed that the information sources which were effective on persuading men to have vasectomy, respectively based on their frequency, included men with vasectomy among coworkers, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and staff of health centers; however, mass media was not the source of obtaining information at all. Individuals under study were asked to give advice for other people in respect of vasectomy. It was determined that 94.1% of participants persuaded other men to choose it. Only 5.9% of them stated that they wouldn’t suggest to others to bear vasectomy surgery. Conclusion: The majority of participants in the current study mentioned friends, acquaintances, and staff of health centers as the main factor of their familiarity with vasectomy, and they indicated that mass media had no role in introducing this contraceptive method and presenting information about it. Lack of presenting information through mass media was indicator of predominance of patriarchy in the system of community. Additionally it revealed that for increasing the amount of males’ participation in fertility health, no measure has been taken by social system of community.

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زبان سند : انگلیسی
نویسنده مسئول :نسرین فولادی
نویسنده :حسین علیمحمدی
نویسنده :یوسف حمیدزاده اربابی
نویسنده :افروز مردی
نویسنده :الهام آدشیرین پور
نویسنده :زهره روشنی
کلیدواژه ها (انگلیسی):fertility behaviour , vasectomy , information sources
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WA Public Health > Public Health Education WA.18
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Faculty of Health > Department of Public health
Faculty of Health > Department of Public health
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