بررسي تاثير روشهاي مختلف آموزشي بر عملكرد بيماران عروق كرونري بستري در مركز آموزشي – درماني بوعلي اردبيل 1379

دادخواه, بهروز and محمدی, محمدعلی (1379) بررسي تاثير روشهاي مختلف آموزشي بر عملكرد بيماران عروق كرونري بستري در مركز آموزشي – درماني بوعلي اردبيل 1379. [ research project ]

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Persian Abstract

مقدمه : بيماريهاي عروق كرونري بيماريهاي شايعي هستند كه نه تنها مرگ و مير زيادي داشته بلكه پيامدهاي جسمي ، رواني و اجتماعي نيز به دنبال دارند. از طريق آموزش بيمار و خود مراقبتي مي توان از پيامدهاي آن پيگيري نمود . اهداف: هدف از اين پژوهش مطالعه تاثير روشهاي مختلف آموزشي بر عملكرد بيماران عروق كرونري مي باشد. روش تحقيق : اين پژوهش يك مطالعه نيمه تجربي بوده كه بر روي 60 بيمار بستري در مركز آموزشي – درماني بوعلي انجام گرديده است بيماران به طور تصادفي به دو گروه شاهد و مورد تقسيم و عملكرد شان بوسيله مصاحبه دو ماه قبل و بعد از مداخله درباره رژيم غذايي فعاليتي ، استعمال دخانيات و مقابله با استرس تعيين گرديد. سپس دو ماه بعد از ترخيص ، گروه مورد به دو گروه A و B تقسيم شدند، به گروه A از طريق سخنراني و به گروه B بوسيله پرسش و پاسخ و ارايه پمفلت آموزش داده شد و عملكرد شان در ماه ششم مجددأ اندازه گيري شد. نتايج : يافته ها نشان داد كه آموزش در بهبود رژيم غذايي ، فعاليتي استعمال سيگار و مقابله با استرس گروه مورد تاثير داشت اما دو ماه بعد از آموزش فقط رژيم غذايي گروه مورد در مقايسه ، گروه شاهد معني دار بود)001/0 (P= همچنين در بررسي تاثير روشهاي مختلف آموزشي مشخص گرديد كه گروه B در مقايسه با گروه A در ارتباط با رژيم غذايي فعاليتي و نحوه مقابله با استرس عملكرد بهتري داشتند و اين تفاوت از نظر آماري معني دار بود )05/0 (P< در مجموع اين بررسي نشان داد كه يكي از موثرترين روشها در كنترل عوامل خطر بيماري عروق كرونري آموزش بيمار با استفاده از روش پرسش پاسخ و پمفلت است.


Survey of knowledge, attitude and practice of Ardabil citizens about risk factors of coronary artery disease, 2001

English Abstract

Background & Objectives: Coronary artery disease is one of the most important mortality causes in developed and developing countries. Many risk factors can influence coronary artery disease some of which can be controlled and prevented. Information should be given to people for controlling these factors and prior to this information – giving, the primary awareness of them about risk factors needs to be ascertained. This research is a study of the knowledge, attitude and practice of Ardabil people about CAD risk factors. Methods: This descriptive analytic study was done on 384 individuals (female and male) over 20 years old. These subjects were selected from five clusters. Synthetic questionnaire was used for data collection through direct interview at home. The collected data was then analyzed by SPSS software. Results: 50.5% of samples were females. 27.3 % of the subjects were high-school graduates. Most of them (70%) were aware of stress and lesion as risk factors. 66.9% of them were aware only of the effect of immobility on coronary artery disease but 13% of them had regular physical activity. 52.1% of them were aware of the harmful effect of salt on CAD, but 15% of them had low salt intake. 48.2% of people were aware of benefit of liquid oil on health, but only 25% of them consumed it. Results showed that, 48.2%, 51.3% and 40.9% of individual had moderate knowledge, positive attitude, and weak practice, respectively. The relationship among variables was significant (P<0.0001), and practice of people has been increased with increasing of knowledge and attitude. Conclusion: Regarding these results, regular programs are necessary for increasing awareness and practice of people as primary preventive steps for controlling CAD.

Item Type: research project
زبان سند : فارسی
project status : اتمام یافته
مجری اصلی :بهروز دادخواه
سایر مجریان :محمدعلی محمدی
تاریخ اتمام :19 June 1379
Uncontrolled Keywords:بيماران عروق كرونري – آموزش ، رژيم غذايي فعاليتي
کلیدواژه ها (انگلیسی):coronary artery disease ; risk factors ; knowledge ; attitude ; practice
Subjects:W Health professions > Medical Education W.18
WG Cardiovascular System
Divisions:Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery > Department of Nursing
Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology > Deputy for Research and Technology management and Medical Information > completed research projects
ID Code:412
Deposited By: MS Soghra Golmaghani
Deposited On:31 Jul 1388 06:47
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