تشخیص و پیش بینی بیماریهای لیکن پلان، لوکوپلاکی و کارسینوم سلولهای سنگفرشی دهان (S.C.C) با استفاده از سیستم خبره ی هوشمند مبتنی بر شبکه های عصبی مصنوعی

مقصودی, روح الله ، باقری, ابوالفضل ، مقصودی, محمد تقی (1392) تشخیص و پیش بینی بیماریهای لیکن پلان، لوکوپلاکی و کارسینوم سلولهای سنگفرشی دهان (S.C.C) با استفاده از سیستم خبره ی هوشمند مبتنی بر شبکه های عصبی مصنوعی. Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology,Pathology and Surgery ــ 2 (2). ص.ص.1-8. شاپا 2251-7847

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عنوان انگليسي

Diagnosis Prediction of Lichen Planus, Leukoplakia and Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma by using an Intelligent System Based on Artificial Neural Networks

خلاصه انگلیسی

Introduction: Diagnosis, prediction and control of oral lesions is usually done classically based on clinical signs and histopathologic features. Due to lack of timely diagnosis in all conventional methods or differential diagnosis, biopsy of patient is needed. Therefore, the patient might be irritated. So, an intelligent method for quick and accurate diagnosis would be crucial. Intelligent systems approach has been successful in prediction and diagnosis of factors. Intelligent instruments significantly contributed to the diagnosis of different disease, such as timely diagnosis of breast cancer, heart failures and so on. In this research, three of the most common and relatively dangerous oral diseases (lichen planus, leukoplakia and squamous cell carcinoma) have been studied using intelligent systems based on artificial neural networks (ANN). Materials and Methods: In this study, the population of the study constituted one hundred and fifty, fifty patients are considered in each disease. The four features for learning intelligent systems given to it as an input. Results: The output of this system includes charts and tables to determine the optimal prediction of machine. One of the figures represents the descent of error that is convergent to the global optimum. The extreme prediction of machine would be achievable with the least amount of attention. So, the credibility and reliability will be boosted. Conclusion: The purpose of this research is the application of artificial intelligence techniques in branch of dentistry to the aim of early diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases.

نوع سند :مقاله
زبان سند : انگلیسی
نویسنده اول :روح الله مقصودی
نویسنده مسئول :ابوالفضل باقری
نویسنده :محمد تقی مقصودی
کلید واژه ها (انگلیسی): Prediction , Lichen Planus , Leukoplakia , Carcinoma , Squamous Cell , Artificial Neural Network
موضوعات :QZ آسیب شناسی
WU دندانپزشکی .جراحی دهان
بخش های دانشگاهی :?? 157 ??
کد شناسایی :4994
ارائه شده توسط : دکتر ابوالفضل باقری
ارائه شده در تاریخ :20 آذر 1392 09:17
آخرین تغییر :20 آذر 1392 09:17

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