پرولوتراپی(تزریق درمانی رژنراتیو)

محمدیان اردی, علی (1390) پرولوتراپی(تزریق درمانی رژنراتیو). در: The 2th International Congress of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Interventions, September , 2011, Tehran , iran.

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PROLOTHERAPY(Regenerative Injection Therapy

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Prolotherapy is an injection – based therapy for chronic musculoskeletal pain. It is a simple, natural technique that stimulates the body to repair the painful area. In 1956,Hacker (Pioneer of prolotherapy) introduced the term "prolotherapy" as "the rehabilitation of an incompetent structure by generation of new cellular tissue". In practice prolotherapy defined as : Injection of growth factors or growth factors stimulants to grow normal cell or tissues. Prolotherapy usually consists of several injection sesstions that delivered every 2 to 6 weeks. During prolotherapy, some solutions are injected at the sites of painful and tender ligament and tendon insertions and joint spaces. These solutions cause local irritation and inflammation , with subsequent tissue healing, resulting in enlargement and strengthening of damaged ligament, tendon, and intra – articular structures. Prolotherapy induces healing cascade , which contains 3 overlapping phases: 1- Inflammation 2 – Regeneration with granulation (proliferation) 3 – Reparation(remodeling with contraction). Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) stimulates collagen chemo – modulation by inducing mentioned first and second stages. As a result , impaired tissues have begun to regeneration and reparation. All of this complex process is meditated by hormones and multiple growth factors. These growth factors include : Fibroblast growth factors (FGF) , Connective tissue growth factors(CTGF) , Insulin like growth factors(IGF) , Platellate – derived growth factor (PDGF) and others. Indications and contraindications : Prolotherapy could help In all cases of Connective tissue insufficiency. Some of these conditions include : - Painful enthesopathies , tendinosis or ligamentosis secondary to sprain or strain and conditions known as repetitive motion disorders (such as shoulder and knee laxity , rotator cuff injury , tennis elbow , Achilles tendinosis and ets.) - Painful hypermobility , instability , and subluxation of the joints. - Osteoarthritis , spondylolysis , spondylolisthesis ,arthritis. - Internal disc derangement - Myofascial pain syndrome -Sacroiliac joiut pain -Piriformis syndrome contraindications: There are some general contraindications for prolotherapy, just similar another injections such as allergy to anesthetic solutions, bleeding diathesis, infections, and etc. But, the specific contraindications contain acute conditions (such as acute arthritis , acute bursitis , or tendinitis , acute nonreduced subluxations , or fractures )and allergy to prololiferant solutions (such as phenol , sodium morrhuate). Prololiferant solutions: The injectable solutions that initiate wound healing cascade have classified as fallow: • Irritants: which cause a direct chemical tissues injury that attracts granulocytes(such as phenol , tannic acid ) • Osmotic shock agents : which cause bursting of cell membrane leading to local tissue damage (such as dextrose and glycerin _ • Chemo – tactic agents :which directly attract the immune cells to the injured area (such as sodium morrhuate ) • Particulates : that can attract macrophages to the sites. • Growth factors Usually injectats contain a mixture of local anesthetic with other solutions. Side effects and complications : Like all invasive medical procedures, Prolotherapy carries complications , but statistically they are rare. Because prolotherapy causes inflammation , the patients often suffer some bruising , pain , stiffness , swelling , joint effusion , that typically late 1 – 7 days.

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