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Quality of Life in Hemodialysis Patients at Ardebil University of Medical Sciences (Arums) and Factors Affecting it

خلاصه انگلیسی

Today, hemodialysis is the most common and practical technique for the treatment of patients with chronic renal failure. In spite of this technique, the quality of life of these patients has been a debatable issue. The purpose of this study is to study the quality of life of hemodialysis patients. This descriptive, cross-sectional study consisted 100 hemodialysis patients of all the hemodialysis patients who had referred to hemodialysis centers of Ardebil University of Medical Sciences. The data were collected through a questionnaire which was inspired from various questionnaires and which were used in western studies such as SF-36-EORTEC-QLQC30 questionnaire. This questionnaire was modified on the basis of socio-cultural conditions of the country. The average mean of patients` age was 49.5 with 15.7 standard deviation and the median was 49 with 69 standard deviation. In this study, the average score of the quality of life was 162.66 with the standard deviation of 38.07. In terms of classification, on the whole, 53.3% of the patients had an intermediate to high quality of life and 44.7% had a low to very low quality of life. Our patients do not have a suitable psychosocial condition. The major complaints of these patients as poor social relations, loss of independence and having family problems, can all, to a great extent, be solved through appropriate counseling, organizing groups of kidney patients, making relationship among different patients and organizing group cultural-sports activities.

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کلید واژه ها (انگلیسی):hemodialysis , qol , ardabil , arums , factors affecting
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WA بهداشت عمومي > WA. 900 آمار حياتي

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