ارتباط بین ملاسما و کیستهای تخمدانی با هورمونهای آندروژنیک

عدالتخواه, حسن ، امانی, فیروز (1386) ارتباط بین ملاسما و کیستهای تخمدانی با هورمونهای آندروژنیک. Research Journal of Biological Sciences ــ 2 (5). ص.ص.593-596. شاپا 1815-8846

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The Correlation Between Melasma, Ovarian Cysts and Androgenic Hormones (A Case-Control Study)

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Abstract: Melasma is a common acquired hypermelanosis that occurs exclusively in sun exposed areas; it is exacerbated by sun exposure, pregnancy, oral contraceptives and certain Anti-epilepsy drugs, but the exact correlation with endocrine factors is still unknown. The aim of this study was to evaluate the correlation between polycystic ovarian diseases, sex hormones and melasma. This case-control study was performed on 101 subjects who had melasma and 101 control subjects referred to the dermatology clinic of Ardabil university of Medical Sciences. Serum levels of Prolactine (PL), testosterone, 17 hydroxy progesterone, Follicule Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Dihydroepiandrostenedion Sulfat (DHEAS) were measured by using an Radio Immuno Assay Gammacounter machine in Ardabil nuclear medicine laboratories. Sonography of ovaries were either done. Data were analyzed using SPSS 13 statistical package. the age range of the study subjects was 15-45 years old. There was only, significant difference in mean serum levels of DHEAs between cases and controls (p = 0.013) and no difference in others. Ovarian cysts were found in 65.3% of patients and 47.5 % of controls (p = 0.01).There was Hirsutism and Acne in 23.8 and 64.4% of patients, respectively. The results confirm the possible role of ovarian cysts and androgenic hormone or another endocrine etiologic factor in melasma. More studies is required for more perception.

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کلید واژه ها (انگلیسی):melasma, ovarian cysts, androgenic hormone, correlation, DHEAS
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