اثربخشی تیمی در مدیریت بیمارستان: یک مطالعه مروری

ادهم, داود ، دلگشائی, بهرام ، سیدین, سید حسام ، صالحی, مسعود (1391) اثربخشی تیمی در مدیریت بیمارستان: یک مطالعه مروری. HealthMED ــ 6 (6). ص.ص.2164-2170. شاپا 1840-2291

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Team Effectiveness in Hospital Management: A literature Review

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Objectives: The purpose of this paper is to review the research on team effectiveness in hospital management. The literature was reviewed to regulate how the idea of team effectiveness, defined and what recommendations have been made as to how to manage hospitals. Review methods: A search of OVID recourses, ISI Web of Science and googlescholar was conducted which combined the keyword search terms “team”, ‘‘team effectiveness’’, “hospital”, ‘‘hospital management’’, “management”, “administration”, High quality studies were selected and collective with studies identified to the authors. The article was further developed according to the management knowledge of the author in hospital management. We also contacted manufacturers and researchers in the field and considered articles published in english language. Results: The results relating to team effectiveness were few; therefore ‘hospital management’ was included which increased the amount of material. References that were deemed useful from bibliographies of relevant journal articles were included. The inclusion criteria were articles that provided information about the effectiveness and, hospital management backgrounds. Conclusion: Most of the literature emphases on the cognitive aspects of hospital management. This generic approach can, lead to hospital management. A growing body of literature also confirms that effective work groups have become more important in hospitals, as pressures grow to manage resources more effectively and complexity increases. The paper shows that team working approach can help to manage resources, improve task performance, learning and communication.

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