تب مدیترانه ای فامیلی در ایران

صالح زاده, فرهاد (1394) تب مدیترانه ای فامیلی در ایران. International Journal of Rheumatology ــ 2015 . ص.ص.1-6. شاپا 9260-1687

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آدرس اینترنتی رسمی : http://www.hindawi.com/journals/ijr/2015/912137/

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Familial Mediterranean Fever in Iran: A Report from FMF Registration Center

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Background. FamilialMediterranean fever (FMF) is a periodic AR autoinflammatory disorder.This comprehensive study describes FMF in Iran as a country near Mediterranean area. Materials and Methods. From the country FMF registration center 403 patients according to Tel-Hashomer criteria enrolled this study, 239 patients had MEFV gene mutations analyses. Data, if needed, was analyzed by SPSS v20. Results. 175 patients (43.4%) were female and 228 patients (56.6%) were male.The mean age was 21.3 years. Abdominal pain was in 93.3% patients and 88.1% had fever. Abdominal pain was the main complaint of patients in (49.6%).The mean interval between attacks was 36.5±29.6 days and themean duration of every episodes was 43.3±34.5 hours. 15.1% of patients had positive family history and 12.7% had previous surgery; in 52.3% of patients delay in diagnosis was more than three years. 12 commonMEFVgenemutationswere analyzed, 21.33%were withoutmutations, 39.7% had compound heterozygote, 25.52% showed heterozygous, and 13.38% showed homozygous results. The most common compound genotype wasM694V-V726A (% 10.46) and in alleles M694V (% 20.9) and V726A (% 12.7) were the most frequent mutations, respectively. Conclusion. M694V was the most commonmutation, and themost common compound genotype was M694V-V726A. Our genotype results are similar to Arabs and in some way to Armenians, erysipelas-like skin lesions are not common in this area, and clinical criteria are the preferred methods in diagnosis of FMF

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