تکنیک هیبریدی جدید psotvac/bfa برای جایابی و تنظیم upfc بر اساس روش فازی چند هدفه

ابراهیمیان, همایون and میر کاظمی, سید مهدی and آقازاده, عبدالله (1393) تکنیک هیبریدی جدید psotvac/bfa برای جایابی و تنظیم upfc بر اساس روش فازی چند هدفه. International Journal of Review in Life Sciences ــ 4 (8). pp. 42-45. شاپا 2935-2231


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A new hybrid psotvac/bfa technique for solving robust placement and tuning of upfc based a new fuzzy multi objective

English Abstract

This paper presents a new Hybrid Particle Swarm optimization with Time Varying Acceleration Coefficients (HPSOTVAC) and Bacteria Foraging Algorithm (BFA) based fuzzy multi-objective methodology for optimal locating and parameter setting of Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) in a power system for a long term period. One of the profits obtained by UPFC placement in a transmission network is the reduction in total generation cost due to its ability to change the power flow pattern in the network. Considering this potential, UPFC can be also used to remove or at least mitigate the Congestion in transmission networks. The other issue in a power system is voltage violation which could even render the optimal power flow problem infeasible to be solved. Voltage violation could be also mitigated by proper application of UPFC in a transmission system. These objectives are considered simul-taneously in a unified objective function for the proposed optimization algorithm. At first these objectives are fuzzified and designed to be comparable against each other and then they are integrated and introduced to a hy-brid method in order to find the solution which maximizes the value of integrated objective function in a three-year planning horizon, considering the load growth. A power injection model is adopted for UPFC. Unlike the most previous works in this field the parameters of UPFC are set for each load level to avoid inconvenient rejection of more optimal solutions. IEEE Reliability Test System (RTS) is used as an illustrative example to show the effective-ness of the proposed method.

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کلیدواژه ها (انگلیسی):Multi Objective; Hybrid Technique; UPFC; Fuzzy Theory; Voltage Violation
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