القاي عصبي سلولهاي بنيادي جنيني موش به دنبال هم كشتي با سومايتهاي جنين جوجه

سقا, محسن ، کربلایی, خدیجه ، تنهايي, سميه ، اسفندياري, ابراهيم ، رضوي, شهناز ، نصر اصفهاني, محمد حسين ، بهاروند, حسين (1388) القاي عصبي سلولهاي بنيادي جنيني موش به دنبال هم كشتي با سومايتهاي جنين جوجه. Stem Cells and Development ــ 18 (9). ص.ص.1351-1360. شاپا 1547-3287

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عنوان انگليسي

Neural Induction in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells by Co-culturing With Chicken Somites

خلاصه انگلیسی

The role of paraxial mesoderm or the somites in decision of ectoderm to acquire the neuroepithelial fate and its subsequent diversifi cation to functional neural subtypes especially in mammalians is obscure. Here we report, for the fi rst time, the infl uence of the co-culture of alginate bead-encapsulated somites isolated from chick embryos on neural differentiation in mouse embryonic stem cells-derived embryoid bodies (EBs). Using a combination of morphology, immunofl uorescence, fl ow cytometry, semiquantitative, and conventional RT-PCR techniques, we show that the somites induce rosette structures and weakly enhance neural differentiation and neural markers in a dose-dependent manner in comparison to the control group, but its effect is lower than retinoic acid treatment of EBs. By liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry, it was revealed that somitic cells synthesized and released retinoids into the medium. However, no effective infl uence of somitic co-culture on rostrocaudal or dorsoventral patterning is seen. Therefore, like amphibians, somites have a modest neural-inducing activity in amniotes

نوع سند :مقاله
زبان سند : انگلیسی
نویسنده اول :محسن سقا
نویسنده مسئول :محمد حسين نصر اصفهاني
اطلاعات اضافی :Impact Factor=4.146 Indexed/Abstracted in:1-MEDLINE;pubmed-ISI 2-Current Contents®/Life Sciences; Current Contents®/Clinical Medicine; EMBASE/Excerpta Medica; Scopus 3-Biotechnology Citation Index®; EMBiology
کلید واژه ها (انگلیسی):Neural induction - chicken somites - mouse embryonic stem cells
موضوعات :WL سیستم عصبی
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