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نوبخت, ملیحه ، نجف زاده, نوروز ، کردستانی شرق, بهاره (1388) اثرات تاموکسیفن روی جنبه های مورفولوژی و فراساختار هیپوکمپ در حال تکامل موش صحرایی. Iranian Biomedical Journal ــ 13 (4). ص.ص.171-177. شاپا 1028-852X

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Effects of Tamoxifen on Morphological and Ultrastructural Aspects of Developing Hippocampus of Rat

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Background: Tamoxifen treatment induced cell death in the hippocampus formation of the prenatal and postnatal rat. The present study delineates the effect of tamoxifen on developing hippocampus in prenatal, postnatal and full term neonate rats received certain doses of the partial antagonist tamoxifen. Methods: After perfusion and fixation, the brains were removed and processed for light and electron microscopy. The morphology, ultrastructure and the density of the neurons in different ages (E22, P1, P7 and P21) and in different areas of developing hippocampus including cornu ammonis (CA1 and CA3), dentate gyrus and subiculum were studied. Results: These findings showed that in tamoxifen-treated groups, the cell number of pyramidal neurons of CA1 and subiculum significantly decreased comparing to control groups in E22, P1 and P7 but not in third weeks. The mitochondria of the above mentioned groups also showed a dilated feature with less cristae than control group and most of them were greatly enlarged and swollen into spherical shapes rather than the normal ovoid or rod shape. Conclusion: The present study shows that prenatal exposure to tamoxifen alters neurogenesis in developing rat hippocampus. These results demonstrated the nonneuroprotective roles of tamoxifen

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کلید واژه ها:هیپوکمپ در حال تکامل ، تاموکسیفن ، فراساختار
کلید واژه ها (انگلیسی):Developing hippocampus , Tamoxifen , Ultrastructure
موضوعات :QV فارماکولوژی
QS آناتومی انسان
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