گزارش یک مورد ولولوس سیگموئید گانگرنه در زمینه ی اونتراسیون همی دیافراگم چپ

رضازاده, امين and فیضی, ایرج and صمدی خانقاه, علی (1396) گزارش یک مورد ولولوس سیگموئید گانگرنه در زمینه ی اونتراسیون همی دیافراگم چپ. در: 47th World Congress of Surgery 2017, Aug 13-17, 2017, Basel- Switzerland.


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Gangrenous Sigmoid Volvulus Accompanied With Eventration Of Left Hemidiaphragm: A Case Report

English Abstract

Contemporaneity of sigmoid volvulus, considered as one of the bowel obstruction causes and diaphragmatic eventration that each of them are not so common entities, is extremely rare. Sigmoid volvulus is a condition in which a loop of sigmoid colon twists around its mesentery; results in both luminal and vascular compromise. It occurs mostly in large redundant loops of sigmoid colon then less frequently in cecum. Recurrent type of that was characterized by recurrent episodes of partial or complete sigmoid volvulus. Dependent on its severity, it can be demonstrated from being asymptomatic to abdominal discomforts, nausea, vomiting and constipation. Although the worldwide incidence rate of sigmoid colon volvulus is unknown, it varies widely according to the geography and population studies. In contrast, the prevalence is much higher in other parts of the world, such as Iran, India, Bolivia, Brazil, Nigeria, West Africa, and Ethiopia, where sigmoid colon volvulus accounts for 50% to 85% of large bowel obstructions that organizes "volvulus belt" region. In the "volvulus belt" the consumption of high-fiber diets results in a long redundant sigmoid colon that Iran has also been located in this region. Diaphragmatic eventration is a structural disorder affecting its natural function, making it permanently elevated and predisposes to push toward viscera into thorax without presence of any anatomical defects. It rarely remains undiagnosed until adulthood. In our case a 65 year old man with a history of rectosigmoidoscopic devolvulation just one year ago, comes with bowel obstruction symptoms again. Radiological investigations revealed a loop of distended colon forming a volvulus lied in the left hemithorax pushing the left lung upward and the heart to right side surprisingly without any respiratory complaints. We are reporting a case of recurrent sigmoid volvulus in a 65 year old man with left hemidiaphragm eventration as at laparotomy, a gangrenous sigmoid colon was reduced into the abdominal cavity and the thin and membranous diaphragm was plicated. After resection of volvulus, a Hartmann's procedure performed. He was discharged several days later with no complications and two month later his colostomy was closed. Diaphragmatic eventration can predispose visceral translocations such as sigmoid volvulus especially in the region called "volvulus belt" where the prevalence of sigmoid volvulus due to anatomical and geographical aspects is higher.

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