بررسی بیان یوکاریوتیک فیوژن ژن mtb32c-hbha از مایکوباکتریوم توبرکلوزیس در رده سلولی هپاتوکارسینوما

تیمورپور, رقیه and مشکات, زهرا (1396) بررسی بیان یوکاریوتیک فیوژن ژن mtb32c-hbha از مایکوباکتریوم توبرکلوزیس در رده سلولی هپاتوکارسینوما. در: 18th international Iranian congress of microbiology, Aug 29-31 , 2017, Tehran - Iran.


Persian Abstract

MATERIALS AND METHODS:In present study Huh7.5 cells was transfected with Mtb32C-HBHA -pCDNA3.1+ recombinant vector using the calcium phosphate method and expression of chimeric protein was assessed by RT-PCR and Western blot methods. BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES:HBHA and Mtb32C have been isolated from culture supernatants of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis) and Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis) and their immunogenicity previously studies have been confirmed. In this study, capability of constructed vector containing two mycobacterial immunodaminant antigens (Mtb32C-HBHA), in producing new chimeric protein under the in-vitro condition was examined. RESULTS:Recombinant vector introduce to Huh7.5 cell and generation of recombinant Mtb32C-HBHA protein was evaluated by RT-PCR and Western blot methods. Results of RT-PCR and Western blot showed expression of 35.5KD recombinant protein (Mtb32C-HBHA) in this cell line(Fig1,2,3). CONCLUSION:This study indicated, the constructed vector can produce two highly immunogenic antigens that fusion of them to gather makes chimeric antigen with new traits. Other attempts are needed to evaluate specific properties of this new antigen such as molecular conformation modeling and immunologic characteristics in future studies


Evaluation of the eukaryotic expression of mtb32C-hbhafusion gene of Mycobacteriumtuberculosis in Hepatocarcinomacell line

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کلیدواژه ها (انگلیسی):Huh7.5cells,RT-PCR,Western blot
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