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Dr MirMahdi Chinifroush
Academic Position:
Department: Department of Pathology
Organisation:Ardabil University of Medical Sciences
Address:Dr m.chinifroush ,Reference & fatemi Laboratories manager, imam street, Fatemi hospital , Ardebil 09144510017
Expertise:2- GIT pathology
Biography:From 1998 until now: Dissecting & reporting of all pathological specimens of a governmental hospital, Fatemi , alone with more than 15000 appendix, 5000 gallbladder, 500 bowel & more than 2000 other specimen including soft tissue & bony tumors , lymph node ,breast & … From 2000 until now, private laboratory, Pasteur Lab: Dissecting & reporting , alone all pathology specimen , including more than 1000 breast tumor with FNA of breast masses & thyroid & lymph nodes with more than 4000 soft tissue ,skin , lymph node tumors, ... with surveys of problematic peripheral blood smear & clinical specimens including semen, bacterial
Qualifications:- FNA of Breast , Thyroid , lymph node & Neck 3- Lymph node pathology 4-Bone pathologymasses

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